greg avola

I'm Greg. 👋

I am an entrepreneur, engineering & product leader who loves building great products that solve real problems.

I have over 15+ years of experience working in the software space, focusing on engineering, infrastructure, product, leadership as well and building communities at scale.

I co-founded Untappd, the world’s largest beer site, in October 2010. Untappd currently has over 10m+ users with close to 1 billion check-ins since launching in 2010. I also developed the native app, website, API and backend infrastructure to support the growing community.

In 2016, Untappd merged with Next Glass, and I became the Chief Technical Officer, managing our development team for both the business and consumer teams.

After stepping away from Untappd in January 2021, I worked at Hicamp, a two-way marketplace for Campers and Private Landowners, as an Engineering Manager until March 2022.

I currently work at Spotify, as a Senior Engineering Manager working with Spotify for Artists team to help give a view into their demographics, analytics and promotional tools.

Prior to Untappd, I was a Senior Software Engineer at ABC News, focusing on building tools for content publishers and maintaining

In addition to Untappd, I have launched various other side projects, including:

  • brickd - The best way to discover, share and organize your LEGO set
  • Best of Discover Weekly - A way to keep track of your favorite songs you listen to on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist
  • Volley - A tennis management tool for recording your matches, league play and analytics
  • Year In Fitess (2023) - See an overview of your 2023 workouts via your Peloton Account

You can see more details on these projects here.

I am currently looking for new advisor opportunities in the technology space. Feel free to get in touch with me on X or via the Contact Form.